Quality Policy

The Quality Policy aims to establish and maintain a compliance management system that consistently meets the needs and expectations of the business and its stakeholders. The Quality Manager is responsible for overseeing and maintaining the compliance management system, with the Managing Director having final approval of all decisions and amendments. The stakeholders of the compliance management system include the staff and customers.

The staff members are a crucial resource for the business as a service provider. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that all security staff engaged with Wise Security comply with the policies and procedures in terms of working practices. The Quality Manager conducts regular reviews to ensure adherence to the policies and procedures, and staff members are given opportunities to provide feedback on their working conditions, job satisfaction, and sense of value held by the company. This process helps to identify any dissatisfaction and resolve issues promptly to prevent negative impacts on the company or its staff.

Customers are a vital stakeholder group for the business, and their satisfaction is crucial for generating revenue and sustaining growth. The Quality Policy aims to ensure that services provided consistently meet and exceed customer expectations and requirements. To achieve this, regular feedback is sought through management meetings and monitoring of Key Performance Indicators. The business aims to build and sustain relationships with customers through regular meetings to identify any issues at an early stage, preventing escalation to complaints that could potentially damage future business opportunities.


Due to the nature of the business, the use of suppliers is limited. However, it is crucial to ensure that the supplied items are of good quality and suitable for their intended use. This is necessary to prevent service delivery from being hindered by poor quality or inappropriate equipment provisions.

To maintain a strong market position, it is essential to monitor and be aware of the actions and practices of our competitors. This enables us to ensure that our working practices and services provided remain at the forefront of the industry. Without observing and monitoring the competition and industry practices, the business risks becoming stagnant and losing its current marketing advantages. Therefore, it is essential to stay vigilant and remain proactive in staying ahead of the competition.


The compliance management system and services provided by the business will be continually improved and developed by monitoring and maintaining the following objectives:
• Ensuring customer satisfaction
• Demonstrating effective leadership
• Encouraging employee motivation
• Achieving continual improvement
• Ensuring effective financial management
• Managing the Quality Management System effectively
• Prioritizing health and safety principles
• Providing access to adequate resources

Statistical data will be collected throughout the year and reviewed annually as part of the Management review. During this review, targets will be evaluated, and any areas falling below the target will be raised as non-conformance. Appropriate actions will be taken to correct these shortfalls. Targets will also be reviewed to assess areas of consistent exceeding of specified requirements. Any such areas will be amended accordingly to ensure continual improvement.