Customer complaints procedures

At Wise Security, we place utmost importance on customer satisfaction and strive to provide high quality and professional services. If you have a complaint about any aspect of our services, we'd love to know. You can submit your complaint through the following steps:

Contact a customer service representative:

  1. Customer service phone numbers are provided on all of your contract documents. Please contact us immediately with a complaint.

  2. Submitting a complaint in writing: If you prefer to submit your complaint in writing, please send an email to the customer complaints email address. Please explain the complaint fully and specify any information that helps understand the issue.

  3. Investigation and Resolution Upon receipt of a client complaint, the relevant department manager will investigate the issue and gather all necessary information. They will then collaborate with the client to reach a satisfactory resolution within a reasonable timeframe.

  4. Communication with the Client Throughout the investigation and resolution process, the relevant department manager will maintain open and transparent communication with the client. Regular updates will be provided to the client, including progress made and expected timelines for resolution.

  5. Follow-up and Feedback Once a resolution has been reached, the relevant department manager will follow up with the client to ensure that they are satisfied with the outcome. The manager will also gather feedback on the process and identify any areas for improvement.

  6. Record Keeping All client complaints and the associated investigation and resolution processes will be documented and recorded in the company's complaints register. This will enable the company to identify patterns or recurring issues and take appropriate actions to prevent them from happening again in the future.

  7. Continuous Improvement Wise Security Services Company is committed to continuous improvement of its services, and client complaints provide an important source of feedback. The company will use this feedback to improve its processes, training, and customer service, and to prevent similar issues from recurring in the future.