Wise Security Services was established as part of the Wise Group, which emerged in the midst of challenging circumstances in 2015. War was ravaging the country, posing numerous challenges, but within this difficult context, the idea of ​​providing comprehensive and professional security services to meet the needs of clients in tough times arose.

Through dedication and hard work, Wise Security Services succeeded in growing and expanding, building a strong reputation in the field of security and protection. The company began by providing protection and security escort services for VIPs and high-profile clients, and quickly expanded its services to include integrated security solutions for businesses and facilities.

Thanks to its trained and specialized team, and the modern security technology it employs, Wise Security Services has been able to provide high-quality and effective services to its clients, making it one of the leading security companies in the market.

Since then, Wise Security Services has continued to deliver its services efficiently and professionally, expanding its business scope to meet the needs of clients in various sectors, making it a trusted choice in the field of security and protection.